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Customer Advantage:
Supported first experience of using DSP

Weather Forecasting System -
UK Meteorological Office

RADAR is used to help forecast weather Fixed location radar is used by the UK Meteorological office to aid in forecasting of the weather. They sought to upgrade the system using DSP to enhance the system's resolution while retaining the existing RF stages.

They had a good understanding of how their radar should work, and came to us for advice on a processing engine with sufficient performance to run their signal processing algorithms in real time. Our applications team analysed the system, looking for the best solution.

Once analysis of the RADAR's DSP processing and interfacing requirements was complete, we recommended a system including PCI-based DSP processing boards, a multi-processing DSP engine, a digital I/O module and both ADC and DAC modules to interface to the existing systems. This recommendation was accepted.

We supplied fully-configured hardware for their system, as we do for all customers. These include:

  • I/O Boards
  • Processing Boards (with DSP or FPGA modules as required)
  • Cable Harnesses
  • Example Application - relevant to the application
  • Development Tools
  • System configuration document

Our evaluations ensured that the system we provided was ideal for the Met Office, and as a result, development proceeded smoothly.  A field trial of the system was completed successfully, and the system is now deployed and in constant use - 24 hours a day, every day.

We are grateful for the kind permission of the UK Meteorological Office in allowing us to describe their system, and acknowledge the assistance they provided in preparing this article.