As of April 2012 HUNT ENGINEERING has closed to enable our partial retirement. We ceased new developments in 2010 when our HERON products were already getting out of date. HERON products should not have been used in new projects after 2010, and we have tried to discuss the closure with all of our existing customers.

The old website of HUNT ENGINEERING is still live here.

Niki and I will strive to help historical customers of HUNT ENGINEERING when and where we can, but under the guise of Pete Warnes Consulting. HUNT ENGINEERING products are now quite old, and are beginning to suffer from using components that are no longer, or soon to be not, available.

Currently we are keeping the office and equipment, but this will not necessarily be the case forever.

We will be in the office infrequently, so your best way of contacting us is by email. Please do not be offended if we take a little time to respond, as we are not permanently wired to our email or phone messages. We may be off enjoying ourselves, but will eventually be back and will respond then.


I am enjoying my state of partial retirement, and intend to continue to do so. I have no interest in a full time job any more. However I have been enjoying some small consultancy projects, I am also interested in discussing future projects.

I have a wide range of experiences and skills that could be used.

Are your Electronic products reliable and manufacturable?

Recently I have been studying and gaining real world experience of Signal Integrity. It is now clear to me that every electronic product designed today has Signal Integrity issues. The question is whether you have understood what they are and done your best to deal with them, or have ignored them and have not yet been bitten by them.

I passionately believe that Signal Integrity should be considered at the very beginning of a project, so that the decisions taken during the product development can be well informed. I am really interested in working with you on projects where you want to learn how to do this. I can offer training and advice to you and your team or to actually perform the study and provide reports that actually get off the fence and recommend paths forward.

If I am alrady too late to convince you to do that, and you are now having problems with unpredictable behaviour and hard to reproduce failures - then possibly you have a Signal Integrity problem. Again I am interested in discussing the possibility of some consultancy to help you with that. Perhaps we could solve your problems and at the same time convince you to integrate SI into your future projects at an earlier stage.

Pre and post layout Signal Integrity

I have a lot of knowledge and expertise in Signal Integrity (see the section above) and am interested in discussing how I may be able to help you with your products.  

Does your company need Electronics expertise but cannot justify a full time Electronics Department?

During the life of HUNT ENGINEERING, I have enjoyed dealing with small companies, whose expertise is not in electronics, but who need electronics in their company products.

I have the knowledge of running an Electronics company, and currently still have all of the equipment to do so. So I am interested in exploring whether I could be your electronics department as and when you need one. This would remove the need for you to have expensive employees and equipment that are not always required.

If you are an interesting start up, I might even agree to do it for equity rather than payment!

Do you need help to solve technical or business problems?

During the life of HUNT ENGINEERING, I have encountered many technical and business problems that have needed to be overcome.

It always astounded me how many of these problems appeared to be unique to us, and had to be solved by me.

I have enjoyed doing this, and think that I am quite good at it. I would be interested in discussing any problems that you have, to see if my Consultancy could help you out.

As I already stated, I do not need a full time job, so will be seeking a few key, interesting and challenging things that I can devote some of my time to. Please feel free to contact me about anything that you think I could help with - I will be happy to discuss with you whether it is something that I would be interested in.